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Get more sales and click-throughs when you buy targeted traffic.  Visitors to your website aren’t worth much unless they are looking for what you are offering.  Unfortunately the many ways to get interested visitors which involves pay-per-click (PPC), advertising, sponsorship, database marketing and other offline methods are extremely expensive.  Thankfully we have the answer for you.  We categorize expired domains and directory listings so that when someone clicks on an expired domain of a website that was previously dealing with “Debt Consolidation” then you will get people who are interested in that subject – giving you a higher chance of closing a sale or getting a click-through.

Its for professional online marketers and SEOs who

Where does the targeted traffic come from?

Like our Untargeted traffic, this Targeted website traffic comes from expired domain links and also directory links – all nicely categorized into more than 100 niches.  For example, we have thousands of expired domains and directory links pertaining to “Loan Consolidation” because these domains used to serve websites containing loan consolidation content.  We also sort visitors according by specific country.

These are ESSENTIALS for the Super Marketer requiring rigorous and constant campaign adjustments.  Our targeted traffic is for heavy hitters how have tried advertising, PPC, traffic exchanges, sponsorships, directing postings and natural rankings but feel this is by far the best and fastest way to test concepts and get results.

Yes the price is higher we admit.  But our legions of satisfied customers all attest: “Its Quality!  Its Profitable!  Its Worth Every Penny!”

It does not matter what you do online.  As long as you need visitors to convert into sales or clicks – we are confident it WILL WORK for you if you own an online store, a service site, a “real world” business needing sales, an affiliate site or you don’t even have your own site.  Many of our most successful clients are full time affiliates who don’t even own websites.  You can simply use the Plimus, Clickbank or any CPA generated URL.  You can even do masking using shortened URLs like

If for whatever reason it doesn’t convert for you – simply let us know, we will provide you with tune-ups, upgrades and solutions that will satisfy you – that is the level of customer service we guarantee.

This is targeted website traffic on Turbo Mode

This is high performance targeted website traffic which is absolutely different from untargeted traffic. Whereas untargeted traffic sends anybody and everybody to your website in a random and chugging pace, Targeted traffic pulls in visitors who have expressed interest in your products and services by clicking on domain names and links specific to your industry.

If you need pure USA traffic – we’ve got it!  If you want pure UK traffic – we’ve got it!  If you have to have only traffic from Germany because your site and offers are all in German – we’ve got it!  In fact we’ve got visitors from almost every country in the world.

Everyday we serve millions of visitors to professional marketers. Don’t wait any longer – super-charge your sales and click-through with our Targeted Traffic today!

Buy USA Traffic, UK Traffic, + all other International Traffic

We have traffic for practically every major Internet nation on earth including: USA, Canada, United Kingdom, China, India, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Indonesia, Korea, Iran, Turkey, Mexico, Italy, Philippines, Spain, Australia, Singapore.  Note that if the country you need is not listed, we would still have it but didn’t display it to make the list more manageable — just contact us >> click <<.

We also have BULK USA TRAFFIC at extremely affordable prices.

Just hear from our fans!

This really the most effective way ever to increase targeted website traffic. Thanks!

From: Dean Cortez <>

Date: March 15, 2011 11:29:58 AM GMT+08:00


Subject: sending more traffic

Hi Tom! According to my tracking software (I use, yesterday I received 794 hits from you and my sales shot up to $370 for the day. I don’t know how many of your visitors made purchases, but it seems that the traffic IS converting for me. This really the most effective way ever to increase targeted website traffic. Thanks!

Can you keep sending me traffic from this source? Let me know, thanks again.


This is hands down that best to increase traffic that targeted i’ve EVER bought

“I must say, this guy is amazing. This is hands down that best to increase traffic that targeted i’ve EVER bought…. Especially with the targeted traffic web…. Everyday it just get’s better My site has only been up for about 10 days for that matter. In fact, i swear i’m getting over-delivered. People, you’ve got to get more before this deal ends. (who can imagine what the next one will be).  AMAZING TRAFFIC!” – BigJon06, Blackhatworld Forum


I have made my money back and more

“Great guy, Helped me order and setup was fast, He got back to me very fast with questions i had. Within the first day i saw a increase in sales and after increasing my traffic with another order I have made my money back and more and my Alexa ratings have gone up!

Recommend to increase traffic!

– Steve Bundy,”


It could not have been easier! I will have to admit their customer service is beyond anything I have ever seen.

“Firstly, I have to say GetWebsiteTraffic is a very professional company. As I have never purchased website traffic before I was quite skeptical in getting into this as I was unsure about the process. However, thanks to GetWebsiteTraffic it was a total breeze to increase targeted web site traffic. Upon signing up, I received emails with all my account and login information, where to go and what to do. It could not have been easier! I will have to admit their customer service is beyond anything I have ever seen. They were very prompt in answering and resolving my concerns. Sometimes literally in minutes! Needless to say, this is the foremost reason I am happy I chose (and will keep) GetWebsiteTraffic for my needs.” – Satish Haram, LiteMediaEntertainment


I just ordered 20k visitors to new adsense site 400/per day

“I just ordered 20k visitors to new adsense site 400/per day and here are my stats. for 5 days

$80 Estimated earnings

over 1600 page views

just over 70 Clicks

4.25 Page CTR

over $1 CPC

I can say i am very pleased with the service and as the site ages i will increase traffic to 1000 visits per day”

– soberealtor,


Great service!!!! Highly recommended!!!

“I ordered the 10K quality visitors … I am only half way done and have already made a little over $80…. As soon as this order is finished I will be reordering on a larger scale.”

– Julien (kegnum)


Awesome Traffic!

“Awesome Tom. This is great news. Like I said, I very much prefer you over my other providers due to honesty as well as customer service and the fact that your traffic is testing better. ” – Jordan Harbinger, The Art of Charm Inc.


I’ve been looking for an advertising site like yours for fr**king 5 years!!!

“Hey tom Man! i see how your targeted works!! man! I’ve been looking for an advertising site like yours for fr**king 5 years!!! i promise! LOL we gotta do business in the future together im a marketer/advertiser too! been working online since i was 15yrs im 26yrs i advertise in different ways but i’ve been looking for a company like this for 5years man! where people can just type in the wrong www. and go to a site!! man this is hot!!

put that in your testimonial LOL!

Man please save me in your email contacts im not a normal customers lol……hey man your on your way…..The world needs to know about your site seriously!!”

– Demetrius, Izaiah Incorporation


YES i see the traffic pouring in …and it IS BRINGING CALLS (sales leads)!

“I wanted to buy some traffic and see how bought traffic might work for my business website. I shopped carefully and selected (you website URL that you want to promote your biz with) due to several factors. They had a well laid out presentation, made sense in terms of plan options and prices. And were cordial to email with.

buy website traffic

My domain is a NEWS and CURRENT events site. – I was more than happy with the impact. The traffic came in with reasonably measured rhythm per day, and was quality traffic. The response of the new viewers was excellent and has helped grow our site quickly. Along with that, our advertising revenue has increased. So we are quite pleased. We are going to buy much more traffic as a result.

– Hal Lundquist, New York, NYC


Our Terms Of Service

o Your website must not break out of frames.

o Your website must not contain viruses, malware or force any downloads.

o If your website has adult content you must use our “Adult” category

o If your landing page has pop-ups [see definitions below*] – you must choose “Pop-up” traffic

o No Ezinearticles, Squidoo, YouTube, Facebook pages allowed.

o You recognize that Google Analytics (GA) does not track our traffic very well and agree that our cpanel web traffic counter as the only reference.  You are encouraged to use or in place of GA.

* pop-ups open new windows; top frames, fly in ads, layer ads, chat-boxes, avatars are not counted as pop-ups

…. don’t worry if your website will pass our TOS or not; this shouldn’t get in the way of your profits.  If we see that your website does not meet our TOS we will give you a FULL UNCONDITIONAL AND PROMPT REFUND.

By using our services, you acknowledge that you understand, agree to and abide by our Term of Service above and the full text of which can be found here.


Q> What are the categories do you have available?
A> We have more than 100 categories including adult, casino, gambling, credit card, health, making money, insurance, loans, mortgages, travel and different niched traffic.  Simply click on the Categories drop down list to view all.

Q> Am I allowed to split my traffic between different domains and sub-domains?
A> Absolutely!  So long as each split is at least 5,000 credits.  Please make sure to contact us at as soon as you order (preferably prior) with instructions such as:
“Dear Support,
I have just ordered 100,000 credits (Paypal Transaction ID1234567890; Paypal ID:
Please split my 100,000 credits like so: – 20,000 – 15,000 – 35,000 – 5,000 – 10,000 – 15,000″

Q> Can I change my campaign metrics?
A> Yes you can!  GetWebsiteTraffic.Org provides one of the most responsive customer care services on the planet.  We work 365 days a year and take no breaks because your campaign does not take a break.  Simply click here to get in touch with us and let us know what you want changed.

Q> What is your source?
A> Yes we use expired domains to generate the hits.  What does that mean? Every single day, thousands of domains which were getting website hits cease to exist and their domain registrations allowed to expire.  We have a network of sources which harvest them and sort them according to their category.  So for example if a domain is drawing hundreds of eyeballs from people interested in used cars everyday and you need visitors to your website interested in used cars, we will redirect these visits to your site.

Q> What are the similarities between your Targeted Traffic and Organic Traffic?
A> Here are the similarities:
1. both send you visitors from expired domains
2. both will not allow for sites that break out of frames, load viruses/trojans or malware, allow for content promoting racism, hatred, violence and defamation, and should not take more than 5 seconds to load

Q> What are the differences between your Targeted Traffic and Organic Traffic?
A> With targeted traffic the benefits are:
a) allows URLs to redirect, rotate, forward
b) allows pop-ups and exit prompts (1 max)
c) allows websites to play sound on load
d) d) you can target by Country, Category, Rate of Visits per Day, so for example you can get USA visitors to your website for the category Income Opportunities at 500 visitors per day
e) you can do split-test marketing for all the perimeters: URL/Country/Category/Rate so long as each campaign has at least 5,000 credits
f) you can change perimeters as often as you like whereas for Organic it costs $2.50 in administrative fees
g) you get the discounts as advertised
h) you get closer technical support for your campaign and more flexibility of terms

Q> I need bulk USA traffic as well as high volume visits from other countries. Can I get extremely high daily rates of delivery such as 100,000 visitors to my website?
A> We can do that for USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Germany depending on the prevailing conditions which include major customers hogging up the bulk of these traffic.  For most other countries its 2,000 visitors per day.

Q> Do you have pop-up and pop-under traffic?
A> Yes we do.  Please use the contact form to enquire as these are priced differently and not available on this page.

Q> Compared to other online advertising methods such as PPC, banner advertising and sponsorship – is your method better?
A> Our cost per hit is extremely low cost because we deal with millions of website visitors from, so much so that a visitor may cost as little as $0.00056. Compare that with a competitive keyword for PPC which may cost as much as $20. For sure, the web traffic quality is not on par but by the law of SHEER numbers we have produced great results for clients.


While our traffic has converted for customers and many have kindly come forward to provide testimonials which we are unable to verify and some have been provided with incentives for their effort, obtaining results and profits using our traffic cannot be guaranteed.  It will depend on a lot of factors including the way your website is setup, your offers as well as the traffic matrix you are choosing.  We provide highly responsive customer support and will help you find the best possible solutions failing which we will be sure to get you remedies including refunds for credits unused and equivalent-value service exchanges that we are confident that you will be satisfied with.  Note that many of our clients who succeed with our traffic may have done so after testing and tweaking their websites and our traffic specifications.  Earnings indicated in the testimonials cannot be used as guarantees or indications of the results you will get.  Results will vary for website to website. We provide real visitors and have many customers who obtain results but we need to stress that this is not a get-rich-quick avenue. Our services are for serious Internet marketers who want to explore workable methods for monetizing their web ventures and understand that as with all methods, a certain degree of testing and tweaking is required without the absolute guarantee of success.

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