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Once you are in SEO, backlinks become very familiar and you will often get involved with. Building backlinks become one more important task on your SEO campaign. Then how about check or analyzing backlinks to your site? At some point you will need to check your backlinks. In order to monitor the development of your backlinks campaign so far, or even peek how and where your competitor sites got backlinks from.

  • How To Check Backlinks?

To check backlinks, you can use several online tools that allow you to check and analyze your backlinks, simply use a backlink checker tool!

As far as me personally, it is difficult to ensure accuracy for every backlink checker available on the web. Basically there’s no one tool that 100% accurate (I think). However, getting some information about backlinks by using these kind of backlink checker will at least help you to analyze the backlinks added to your website.

  • Most recommended free backlink checker
  1. Google webmaster tool.
    Indeed, seemed that Google webmaster tool is not showing all of backlinks you’re thinking you’ve made for your website. However, most likely the data that you see from the Google webmaster tool will indicate that these backlinks have been in the indexed by Google.
  2. Backlink Watch.
    One more free backlink checker you can use online is Isn’t only show you your or other website backlinks source, also complete with anchor text data, PageRank, OBL (Outbound link), as well as a flag (dofollow or nofollow).
  3. Backlink Checker –
  • Q AND A about free backlink checker tool
  1. Q: Is there a free backlink checker that 100% accurate?
    A: No one free backlink checker tools that provide for 100% accurate.
  2. Q: Is there are any paid backlink checker out there?
    A: Yes, MajesticSEO is one of the most famous around the web

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